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Libra is the Air Element of the Cardinal signs. It is ruled by the planet Venus.

Libra is the sign of interaction with others and therefore rules relationships. Libra is always interested in both sides of an issue and is balanced and unbiased. Good manners and social graces are important to those born under the sign of Libra, and they rarely act by themselves. They prefer to do things jointly. The development of relationships is the most important function for Libra. Libra always encounters the other as an equal. It is also a sign of aesthetic development, with a strong love of beauty and harmony.

The key phrase for Libra is “I balance”. Libra excels at taking the initiative in such a way that others do not realize the initiative has been taken.

Libra is harmonious, diplomatic, loving, rational and fair but can be indecisive, lazy and mechanical.

Wherever you find Libra in your horoscope, you seek balance through understanding. Partnership is important, so you will gravitate toward making decisions jointly with others. This is where you seek fairness and harmony.