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Aries is the Fire Element of the Cardinal signs. It is ruled by the planet Mars.

Aries is the sign of action and new beginnings. It is forceful, direct and quick to act. Fire burns rapidly, so impatience is a strong characteristic of this sign. Those born under the sign of Aries can appear brash, but it is their enthusiasm and thirst for adventure that enables them to go where others fear to thread.

The key phrase for Aries is “I am”. This is the self-directed urge to experience things firsthand. Aries is fearless and charges right in, overcoming any obstacles in the way.

Aries is warm, courageous, generous, passionate and intuitive but can be insensitive, impulsive and confrontational.

Wherever you find Aries in your horoscope, you are assertive and direct and can take immediate action. This is where you won’t back down.