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Leo is the Fire Element of the Fixed signs. It is ruled by the Sun.

Leo is wholly concerned with its own sense of identity. Those born under the sign of Leo are warmhearted and enjoy being the centre of attention. They have a strong need for self-expression, self-confidence and a developed ego. Personal recognition is important to Leo as is being impressive and being in control. Leo is warm, generous and honourable when its needs are being met. However, it can be equally impatient, pompous and egotistical. Leo is the sign of show business and is dramatic, courageous, confident and proud.

The key phrase of Leo is “I will”. Leo likes to have an audience and be in the centre of everything. It has a presence that can light up a room.

Leo is warm, creative, generous, loyal and playful but can be bossy, loud and arrogant.

Wherever you find Leo in your horoscope, you crave attention. This is where you want to express yourself, put your best foot forward, and be recognised for your efforts.