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Cancer is the Water Element of the Cardinal signs. It is ruled by the Moon.

Cancer is the sign of instinct. It can be tenacious about what it wants. It is the sign of the mother – the nurturing quality that emotionally sustains us. Those born under the sign of Cancer love to take care of everything and everyone. Water is the element that envelops all it touches, and Cancer can be overly protective. It is hard for Cancer to let go. Cancer symbolizes the need for emotional security, for feeling that one’s environment will support one’s existence, and for feeling nurtured.

The key phrase for Cancer is “I feel”. Cancerians are very psychic and absorb the feelings and moods of those around them.

Cancer is emotional, caring, protective, maternal and shrewd but can also be dominating, vulnerable and smothering.

Wherever you find Cancer in your horoscope, you are intuitive, sensitive and restless. You may change your mind and go with your instincts.