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Pisces is the Water Element of the Mutable signs. It is ruled by the planet Neptune.

Pisces is the most sensitive of the signs and is extremely receptive. Those born under the sign of Pisces believe dreams will come true. They hate to offend others and are so agreeable that they can appear to be insincere. This is the sign of faith, creativity and imagination. Pisces may glimpse things that are invisible to most signs. They are sensitive to everything around them, and pick up energies and impressions easily. They might even experience these energies as part of themselves. Pisces can withdraw into a world of fantasy and dreams.

The key phrase of Pisces is “I believe”. Pisces feels a connection between itself and the world around it and is sensitive to the needs of others.

Pisces is altruistic, romantic, psychic, compassionate and artistic but can be deceptive, confused and chaotic.

Wherever you find Pisces in your horoscope, you are tolerant and compassionate. This is also where you may be imaginative, dreamy or unrealistic. You may sacrifice a lot in this area of your life.