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Astrology Consultation

The Birth Chart is a photograph of the energy of the Universe at the moment you are born – it is a tool for looking into your psychological motivations.

This energy colours your daily life and can point to certain talents or challenges you may face in life.

The Chart illustrates both energies that are realised and those that are not. It is always important to acknowledge that Free Will will decide where your life takes you and if your path does not lead you to realise a certain talent or face a certain challenge – then this energy or potential will remain dormant.

We are all connected – our energies are connected – we are made of the same matter and material that exists throughout the Universe – so to me it is natural that the energy that affects our Solar System affects us individually and together.

What do I need to have a Birth Chart cast and interpreted?

For Birth Charts you need to provide:

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

I provide a full Personal Psychological Astrology consultation and a Full Birth Chart