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Divine LIGHT Astrology – Testimonials


The Divine Light Astrology reading was quite possibly one of the most thorough readings I have ever received. It will provide the reader with a complete understanding of its Content / Symbols.

There for I am very grateful to have been introduced to Divine, the wait was worth it – It delivered 🙂


Dear Divine Light Astrology, I am so delighted that you have a review function on your FB page so that I can proclaim to the world how fantastic your readings are! Your kaleidoscopic knowledge of all things astrological, karmic, mystic, spiritual and so much more makes your readings both exceptional and unique. You have taken time and effort to deliver me something (in person and in document form) that I will be able to refer to for years to come.

I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be read by you, as I am sure in years to come I will have to join a years long waiting list. Again, thank-you for sharing your wonderful gifts, I feel very lucky.


Divine Light Astrology- THANK YOU! I am not one to be lost for words easily, but you have left me speechless. I found myself taken by surprise by the accuracy of your reading! It’s nothing short of a spiritual radiography. Thank you particularly for your friendly approach, your kindness and patience in explaining all the terminology to me in plain and simple English! Much appreciated!

I would highly recommend you! Anytime!


Thanks so much Divine light astrology for a very insightful reading last night. Really love the psychological interpretation and will be back with many questions after I read through my information x


Thank you so much to the Divine Light Astrology…for the kindnesses and professionalism! I recommend with five stars to everyone who is thinking about trying it!


Thanks a lot to Divine Light Astrology! The charts I ordered are really helpful on the way to more self-knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of one’s own life.


Just want to say thank you for my son’s birth chart. It’s absolutely brilliant and although he is now only 6 months old we can already see some traits arising that are mentioned in his profile. I’m sure we will use the profile for years to come. It’s wonderful to have such insight as to what may lie ahead for him. I will certainly be coming back to you for more as I think the profile would make a perfect gift for parents of any new arrivals 🙂 thanks again xXx