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Radical SELF Yoga Testimonials


“I first went to Nadasen because of physical limitations and I needed to push myself. As a world weary cynic, I vastly underestimated the massive benefits I would get from the classes. I look forward to them immensely as they are a great opportunity of exploring the inner self with a trusted professional. There have also been other benefits like incorporating exercises into a morning routine and using meditations in challenging places – like the dentist’s chair. To close each class, there is relaxation to absorb all that has been taken in. I then float home and sleep like a log afterwards.”

AMY – DUBLIN: *****

My first ever yoga class and I really enjoyed it. Thanks a million, Ram Ravi- I am hooked to it already x


Have to admit Kundalini class left me with this huge grin on my face last Sunday. Feeling more relaxed after each session. Thanks for all the help 🙂

JOHN – DUBLIN: *****

To Nadasen @ RAM RAVI YOGA

Really look forward to the evening classes you have every week

It is great to have the opportunity to practice Kundalini and Yin Yoga in such a relaxed environment

Can’t wait for the next workshop!